15-Minute Covered Storage Box

Who doesn’t need more storage? How about stylish storage? Yes, please. How about stylish storage that you can make yourself in about 15 minutes? Yes, please and thank you. The storage possibilities are endless because you use your own fabric which you can match to your decor. Feel free to display them proudly!

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1. Bankers Box (small) Bankers Box SmoothMove Classic Moving Boxes, Tape-Free Assembly, Small
2. Fabric Spray Adhesive Therm O Web Spray N Bond Quilt Basting Adhesive Spray
3. Scissors Fiskars 8 Inch Heritage Seamstress Scissors
4. Glue Gun CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun with 25pcs Glue Sticks
5. Utility Knife Best Utility Knife (3 PACK) Box Cutter
6. 1-Yard Fabric (54-inch width). We used medium-weight cotton. Great deals from Fabric.com! Click here


1. The Bankers Box comes in one piece. Carefully separate the top from the bottom.

2. Assemble the bottom of the box (according to the directions on the box). We are doing this get our fold lines which will make it easier later.

3. Fold the top of the box but don’t put together. Just get your fold lines made. You should have a bottom and a top that look like this:

5. Carefully unassemble the bottom of the box.

6. There is one seam on the bottom of the box. Using your utility knife, carefully cut the seam to break. It’s better to make several light passes with the knife as we want this seam clean. You will now have one long piece of cardboard.

7. Lay out your fabric right-side down on a flat surface and lay the box right-side down on top. Position the box approximately 2″ from the bottom of the fabric and center left and right. You should have approximately 1/2-inch on the left and right with your 54-inch fabric:

8. The center fold separates the ‘top’ from the lower box section. The fabric only needs to cover the lower box section so we will cut away the fabric we don’t need.

9. Measure approximately 2-inches up from the center fold. This will be your fabric cut line:

10. Mark the cut line on the fabric at both ends and cut a straight line across the fabric.

11. Re-position the box on top of the fabric (still right-side down).

12. Lift one side of the box and spray the fabric liberally.  Make sure you get the edges (cover your work surface to protect from the adhesive).  Fold the box back onto the sprayed side and press firmly. Lift other side of the box and do the same.

13. Fold the left and right sides of the box in. We are now going to reconnect the seam we opened earlier.

14. Apply a good bead of glue along the seam:

15. Bring the other side of the box down to adhere the seam to the glue. Press and hold for several seconds all along the seam. Make sure this seam is secure before continuing. If not, add more glue and repeat.

16. Open box slightly and place upside down (so fabric is on top). Wrap the fabric around the box top on all four edges:

17. Turn box upright so fabric is now on the bottom.

18. Re-assemble the box following the same directions as earlier.

19. You now have a completed box bottom. If the sides or bottom are not lying flat just secure them with a drop of glue.

20. Let’s now make the top! Lay out your remaining fabric (still right-side down) and cut it approximately 1-inch larger than the box on all sides. There are four flaps in each corner. Bend these up slightly:

21. Remove the box top and spray the fabric liberally with the adhesive.  Reposition the box on top of the fabric and press firmly.  Do not press the corner flaps – these should still be folded up.

22. Wrap the fabric around the box top on all four edges, leaving the flaps still folded up:

23. Flip the box top around so the shorter side is facing you (will make it easier) and give the fold a few bends. You will now complete the assembly of the top according to the box directions:  a) fold in the left and right edges (neatly tucking the corner fabric to make a clean edge); b) push the tab in and flip around to attach the tabs to the inside. Repeat on the other side.

24. You may need to fuss with the top to get the tabs to stay securely in their slot. Do this around all edges until the box top is securely folded in place.

25. You now have a finished storage box!

Enjoy and start organizing!

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